I was fortunate to have worked with Camilla for over 3 years and have known her for more than 12.  During her employment as the sole nutritionist in a busy full integrative/functional medicine clinic, her responsibilities included all consults, assistance with protocol development, reviewing conference materials and independent research.  She was invaluable as an asset for myself and my clients. Her knowledge base was very solid and yet she was humble to admit if she did not know something and energetic enough to go find the answer.  She has never stopped her learning and is a true asset to our medical community. 

I provide the highest recommendation possible for Camilla.

Mark Menolascino




London, UK

In June 2016 I was diagnosed with grade three invasive breast cancer.  There followed a roller-coaster of appointments, scans, treatment discussions and immersion in a medical world that I had little experience of.  I remember a very intense feeling of my life swirling out of control in those early days: it was as though I no longer had any choice or decisions in how it was all going to play out.  And this is where Camilla came to my rescue.  With her enduring calm and wisdom she set about giving me back control of my day to day.  She gave me a carefully researched, informative and pragmatic guide to transform my diet and attitude to food.  There was so much detail in her advice, but most of all I remember the small things in those early days: the carrot juices, the foods to keep my weight and strength up, the way to replace foods with their more nutritious alternatives...  

To say she saved me is no small claim, but it is one I make wholeheartedly.  From the moment she stepped in I felt empowered.  It was Camilla's involvement that convinced me that I was going to get through this, and that I had a role to play.  It is incredibly important for anyone going through 'big' life experiences to move from the passive, victim role - and Camilla guided me on this path.  Her advice is intelligent, detailed, forgiving and ultimately rewarding.  She recognises what works for each person and what might be beyond them in the immediate terms.  I now live healthily and happily and eat better food than any restaurant can provide.  I owe more to Camilla than she will perhaps ever know.

M. F.

St. Louis, USA

2x Ironman World Championship competitor, Ultra-Runner, Marathon Swimmer, Ultra-Cyclist

During a time when I was struggling to adjust to a Paleo diet, Camilla was instrumental in ensuring that all my dietary needs were fulfilled, and of equal importance, making sure that I wasn’t overloading on items which would have been toxic to my system in large amounts. She was also indispensable in helping to adjust my daily vitamin and supplement intake to reflect my new dietary lifestyle. I wouldn’t have been successful without her!

Camilla listened carefully to my concerns and what I hoped to achieve through nutritional counseling. She gave me practical, realistic advice that has allowed me to make life-long, positive changes to my diet and eating habits. I always felt heard and her advice was really tailored to my needs and lifestyle. It was such a pleasure working with her and it's had a really positive impact on my health.


Wyoming, USA

Jennifer Nelson-Hawks


Wyoming, USA

Camilla was working as a nutritionist when I worked with her at The Center for Advanced Medicine also known as The MenoClinic January 2006 through October 2007 and May 2010 through November 2011.  Camilla showed such dedication and care towards her work.  She was consistently dependable, considerate and thorough. Camilla was sensitive to her clients’ needs and always quick to offer assistance. I would wholeheartedly recommend her as a very capable and compassionate nutritionist.