“Food Can Be Tomorrow’s Medicine”

Camilla strongly believes that the role of nutrition is integral to both health and disease. More and more scientific research shows that our digestive health is one of the most influential markers of our ability to fight infection.  She works with her clients to use their unique medical profile to generate nutritional recommendations which are personal, supportive, energizing, and healing.

Camilla strongly believes in the Functional Medicine model which focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease. Her goal is to work with your doctors, where appropriate, and to support their diagnosis and protocol with daily food guidance to help you heal and feel your best. Where medical intervention has not been necessary, Camilla will help you curate the nutritional plan which will support your lifestyle and optimize your wellbeing.


To say she saved me is no small claim, but it is one I make wholeheartedly.  From the moment she stepped in I felt empowered

— Former client (V.T, London, UK)


Camilla is a foods first practitioner who recommends low levels of supplements when appropriate. She has worked with a wide range of clients many of whom are suffering from disease and others who are striving to meet personal goals. She has helped her clients support their bodies with nutrition to help overcome ill health and optimize their performance.

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