About Camilla


Camilla started out in the corporate world, graduating the University of Bristol, UK with a First Class Honors Bachelor of Science Degree in 1999, and becoming a graduate IT Management Consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers.  She later joined the Commonwealth Bank of Australia as an in-house consultant in Sydney, Australia.

While living and working in England, Camilla watched her father fight prostate cancer. He had a strong team of medical professionals but sadly lost his battle. Among all the doctors, her father’s nutritionist made a lasting impression on Camilla; not only did she empower her patient to step out of the role of victim and use his diet to help fight the disease, but she also managed to use food to positively effect huge change on his day to day energy and wellness.

Fueled by this, and on moving to Jackson Hole, WY in 2004, Camilla retrained as a Nutritionist and has a Masters in Nutrition from Huntington University of Health Sciences. Camilla has since worked both in private practice and in a Functional Medicine Office under a nationally renowned Integrative Medical doctor. Helping clients feel better with food continues to fuel Camilla’s belief and love of nutrition. Time and time again, Camilla has seen individuals establish patterns of eating which markedly improve the quality of their life. After all, one should feel one’s best.

Camilla’s recommendations are grounded in science and experience, and the world of nutrition moves fast! Camilla applies herself to Continuing Education from a variety of sources including the Institute of Functional Medicine, and works hard to stay at the forefront of scientific research.

Camilla lives in Mill Valley, California with her husband and four young boys. She loves playing outside with her friends and family, whether in forests or water, on sand or snow, or discovering far flung shores. 

The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but will rather cure and prevent disease with nutrition
— Thomas Edison.